Seiwa Mako
Seiwa Mako C-Map chartplotter

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Seiwa Mako

Seiwa Mako

Seiwa Mako

Historical notes
Seiwa Mako 8.4 inches color chartplotter was anounched in 2000 and it was one the best unit in Seiwa range for following years.
The Seiwa Mako uses the same easy-to-use software as the award winning Seiwa Oyster.

The Mako offers a big 10" mono LCD screen with four levels of grey scale clearly defining water, depth contours and land mass detail.

Suitable for both leisure and commercial users the Mako offers route, waypoint, track, event and mark facilities. Whether navigating tricky channel passages, trawling the depths or fishing a wreck, the Mako is a good all-purpose chart plotter.

With the Mako's simple menu system and the extensive use of clearly labelled soft keys, the Mako is easy to use. On-screen prompts guide you through the menu in a matter of minutes.

Using the Mako's big 10" screen simply use the cursor to place your waypoints, marks etc where required.

Both the screen and keyboard are backlit for ease of use at night.

  • Display Type: 10" LCD with back light;
  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels;
  • Cartography: C-MAP NT micro cartridges - 2 cartridge capacity;
  • Presentation: North up or Track up;
  • Cursor: Provides range and bearing or Latitude /Longitude;
  • Navigation Information: SOG/COG, TTG, XTE selectable. Own ships position in Latitude / Longitude, Bearing and distance to waypoint/cursor;
  • Waypoints / Marks / Events: Total combined capacity of 1000 Waypoint / Marks / Events. Choice of 16 symbols;
  • Routes: Maximum number or routes 100 with up to 100 waypoints per route e.g. 1 route of 100 waypoints or 50 routes of 2 waypoints etc;
  • Alarms: Arrival, cross track error, anchor drift, guard zone timer, position fix loss;
  • Man Overboard (MOB) mode: Mark placed. Range and bearing to MOB;
  • Controls: 14 backlit silicon rubber keys with and high precision trackpad;
  • Number of Tracks: 5 Tracks with a total of 5000 track points. Tracking interval may be set by time or distance;
  • Track Displays: Choice of 7 track types e.g. solid line / dashed line etc;
  • Memory
  • -- Internal: Stores 5000 track points, 1000 Marks, Events, Waypoints & RoutesNon-volatile, battery back-up;
  • -- User Card: Download to external 128K User Cartridge to store Tracks, Marks, Events, Waypoints & Routes;
  • Interfaces: 2 serial ports. Autopilot output, printer output;
  • NMEA input: NMEA 0183 ver 2.0 Sentences GLL, SBK, SCY, SNU, XTE, GXP, GDP, GOP, GLP, VTG, RMA, RMC, GGA, BWC;
  • NMEA output: NMEA 0180/CDX, NMEA 0180, NMEA-0183: Sentences GLL, VTG, BWC with active autopilot: BWC, GLL, XTE, BOD, APA, APB, WCV, RMC, RMB, VTG;

Technical Specifications
  • Power consumption: 7 Watt max, 10–35 Volt DC;
  • Interface: NMEA0183;
  • Autopilot Interface: NMEA-0180, NMEA-0180/CDX, NMEA-0183;
  • Display: transflective LCD;
  • Display Resolution: 640x480 pixels;
  • Cartography: C-MAP C-CARD;
  • Operating temperature range: 0/+55 degrees Celsius;
  • Memory: Non volatile with battery backup;
  • Keyboard: Silicon rubber, backlight;
  • Weight: 1.800 gr.;
  • Dimensions: 332 x 228 x 60 (W x H x D);

Software and Manuals
To find the correct Software version, you have to read the Procuct Code on the rear of your unit. See below how to find Product Code you need before download Software:
Seiwa Product Code

Download Manual for Seiwa Mako

Software not available

Products Dimensions
Seiwa Mako dimensions
Products Installation
Seiwa Mako installation scheme
Connections schemes
Seiwa NMEA 0183 connection schemes
Seiwa NMEA 0183 connection schemes
Seiwa NMEA 0183 connection schemes
Seiwa NMEA 0183 connection schemes
Seiwa NMEA 0183 connection schemes

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