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Top quality and efficiency in Seiwa marine technology: chart plotter gps fish finders radar scanners black boxes autopilots nmea 0183 repeaters

Seiwa SW701i
Are you able to recognize a Seiwa unit?
The highest level of quality in marine electronic equipments for navigation

All seiwa products have been projected and developed by sailors and for sailors, leaving all useless and complex items to have maximum efficiency and top performance... since 1984!

XPx7 waterproof
Waterproof IPx7
All Seiwa marine equipment are certified IPx7 to guarante perfect functionality in whatever condition you are.

IPx7 means that the unit will work without problem even it was submerged for 30 minutes at 1mt depth. Seiwa units are perfect for open or flying bridge, sail or inflatable boats or everywhere you navigate in extreme weather conditions.
Seiwa sunviewable LCD
Sunviewable screens
Multifunction chartplotters and combo units SW501x, SW701x, SW501cx and SW701cx Series have sunviewable screen and this last generation LCDs guarantee perfect visibility under direct sunlight.

If you need perfect visibility during navigation, Seiwa has the solution for you.
NMEA connections
NMEA0183 connectivity
All Seiwa units use NMEA0183 protocol to be connected together and with all other instruments on board.

This strategic decision means that you are not obliged to change your existing instruments to have the compatibility with your Seiwa unit.
Seiwa best configurations
All configurations possible
The wide range of Seiwa products allows to configure whatever type of boat for whatever type of navigation you need, from professional fishing boats to small inflatable boats.

This versatility is one of the key winning points of Seiwa's worldwide success.
Seiwa fast mainboards
Ultra fast microprocessors
Seiwa invests in technology to guarantee its customers about their investments: most of Seiwa units use the ultra fast ARM9 300MHz or, as Explorer 3, the new ARM9 Samsung 400 MHZ.

These microprocessors,together with the high performance motherboard, have the capability to refresh and elaborate data so fast that you can have everytime the perfect controll of your navigation.

Seiwa Direct is operated by AvMap s.r.l.u.

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