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Seiwa SW701i
Easy to learn and use but with professional results
Features projected by sailors for sailors

One of the most frustrating moment for a sailor is when he realizes that the unit was projected by people who do not navigate at all!

All Seiwa units are projected, developed and tested by people who navigate for professional or leasure scopes.

multifunction softkeys
Customizable Softkeys
All seiwa units use Softkeys; Multifunction chartplotters and combo units have 4 softkeys, completely customizable depending on your needs.

Having Softkey customization is easy and allow you to setup buttons to enter directly on features, pages or actions that are needed by your type of navigation.
Seiwa radar scanner
Radar Feature
SW701x and SW701cx series, SW1101, Marlin, Seawave and Explorer 3 have the capability to be connected with SWRx Series Radar Scanners.

Products range from 24 to 48NM, you can find the perfect solution for any type of boats, from small to professional ones
Seiwa balck box fishfinder
FishFinder Feature
All Seiwa multifunction chartplotters can be connected with Black Box Fishfinder 50/200kHz 1000W.

The technology, completelly renewed and up to date, guarantee perfect functionality and usability.

SW501cx and SW701cx have Fishfinder module inside, Dual frequency 50/200kHz 600W.

Both Black Box Fishfinder and Combo units works with Xid AIRMAR transducers, available in Seiwa range of products as accessories.
C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography
C-Map Cartography
Seiwa is the first C-MAP's partner in 1984. Since that time Seiwa has been developed products using the complete range of C-MAP cartographic features, with the top quality of representation and speed in redraw.

Today SW501x, SW701x, SW501cx, SW701cx Series, SW1101 and Seawave SD use C-MAP SD card where Marlin and Explorer 3 use classic C-MAP C-Card.
Seiwa intelligent alarms
Intelligent Alarms
Seiwa technology, combined with C-MAP cartography, offers a wide range of alarms to guarantee safety navigation.

Arrival Alarm, XTEAlarm, Anchor Alarm, Depth Alarm, HDOPAlarm, Heading Alarm, Grounding Alarm, Grounding Depth Limit Alarm, Grounding Alarm Range and the External Alarm are all features available on all Seiwa units.

Probably there is no other measurement units to classify a Marine equipment for safety navigation as the capability to manage alarms, is it? seiwa official wholesale site
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