5 vuoden takuu

Seiwa aktiivinen vapaa erinomainen takuu 5 vuotta kaikille karttaplotteri combo ja sen alue, jossa mahdollisuus korvata laitteiden pettäessä.

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2 years warranty

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Seiwa special warranty: 5 yearsfull warranty
No other marine OEM in the world
offers a 5 years warranty for free
on elctronic navigation products!


Reseller reputation is an asset which cannot be at risk

Seiwa well know how the reseller's reputation is important: the reseller cannot propose something which could not maintain promeses in terms of quality.

Seiwa gets all responsability on products quality offering to the resellers and its customers a free of charge 2 years warranty, with the substitutuion of the unit in case of faulty.

How much does it costs?

What is the cost for reseller and customers to activate the 5 yers warranty?

Normally marine manufacturers ask for additional money to activate extra warranty; Seiwa do not ask any money to activate the 5 yers warranty.

Reseller, buying via, will have immediatelly activated the 5 years warranty on all products* so its stock is alvays covered by warranty.

The customers to have re-extended the 5 years warranty starting from the date of purchase have simply to send an E-mail to with:
  1. Model Name,
  2. Model Number,
  3. Serial number,
  4. date of purchase,
  5. Name of the reseller or webstore
No other Marine Manufacturer is offering this type of warranty.

* excluded radar antennas - See warranty limitations: mishandling and incorrect installation

Register and ask for a personalized Price List

What is the cost for reseller and customers to activate the 5 yers warranty?

Starting from the beginning Seiwa is available to define a personalized Price list, to match at the best partners commercial needs: what does it means?

It means that you can check which models in the range of Seiwa's products could be more actractive for your market and customers, and Seiwa will work with you to fix the best wholesale prices to help you selling units.

Register for free and ask your personalized Price List.

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