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How to use Catalogue to check products characteristics ad prices marine electronic equipments
Seiwa Catalogue can be shown in 3 different ways:All products are always visible, even without login, while some special offers, some categories and, of course, personalized prices are visible only ater login; in this case the product list shows:

Seiwa general catalogue
  1. Official price, without VAT (if VAT is included, it is clearly highlighed);
  2. Reseller net price, freight included;
  3. Quantity, modifiable during order process;
  4. Info about special price on small quantity, higher than the value shown (i.e. 2, so price valid for more than, starting from 3 pcs.), freight included;
  5. Button to add product to Cart, for quantity selected and with calculated price (calculated by the quantity and special prices);
  6. Clicking on product image or product name you will move to the product sheet, with general and technical detailed description of features and characteristics;
  7. Product Code, needful to ask more information about it or have a correct communication with administrative or technical Seiwa departments;
  8. Current stock; ATTENTION, is case of temporary lack of product, maintains products visible but with Quantity 0 (zero), to allow customers to check productsheet;
  9. At the end of the product list, there is a link to download Seiwa general paper catalogue in PDF format;

How to access the online Catalogue
Seiwa online Catalogue is available starting from each page of the site marine electronic equipments is dedicated to present and sell Seiwa products; Seiwa online Catalogue is always accessibile by whatever page in the site. As you can notice, at the top left of each page there is a vertical menu woth all products categories available for the Commercial Channel.

User can immediately access the product list, by categories, without any double step or search in the site: simple, fast, efficient.

Having this vertical menu, user has the page free from any button or link not related with page core: again simple, fast, efficient.

On this meni there is the Link to Register for Free and Login to access the Reserved Area with reseller’s prices. vertical grapgic menu seiwa official wholesale site
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Seiwa marine equipments seiwa official wholesale site
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Seiwa software update section free download
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